Satans Arena

Satan’s Arena is the gripping true story of violence and survival by a professional martial artist, an Englishman alone amongst murderous international villains in French and Spanish prisons.

This book was penned in Daroca prison; the harshest prison in Spain, populated by criminals of the worst kind: sociopaths, necrophilia perverts, murderers, paedophiles, robbers and kidnappers, most of whom were gypsies… the scum of Spain.
Chancer’s story begins on the day he enters Daroca prison when he is accosted by a gypsy armed with a stiletto, a heroin junkie with nothing to lose. Right from day one Chancer’s fists do the talking.

His vibrant pen takes us on a journey into his past, to the time he was in the Carabanchel prison in Madrid. He tells about his last day in that hellhole and how he was transported to La Moraleja prison where he was incarcerated for eighteen months and where he experienced much violence. About how he was arrested in France and incarcerated in the 17th century Douai Dungeon, France’s filthiest prison and from there to Fresnes prison, France’s harshest prison.
This book is the harshest of true-life prison writing which chronicles the events of years spent in six Spanish prisons. It highlights the fact that much international crime is planned in prison and how prison is the villain’s jobcentre.

This harrowing book is prison writing in the raw and is not for the squeamish or politically correct. The anti-Spanish and anti-French sentiment is solely the author’s undiluted emotions at the time of writing due to the treatment he received at the hands of his jailers.

Welcome to the brutal, ugly and dangerous corridors of Satan’s arena where Chancer’s pen worked doggedly whilst all around him was chaos.

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