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Genre: Action/drama (true-crime).

Log Line: A martial arts anti-hero recruits a brotherhood of international villains to survive the horrors of the brutal, godless Carabanchel prison in Madrid.

Pitch: The New Midnight Express pulls into Shawshank.

Chance is the last Englishman held in the infamous Carabanchel prison in Madrid. His reputation and skills capture the imagination of corrupt officials for future crime sprees when he gets out. His charisma and martial arts skills enable him to recruit a band of international brothers; hit-men inmates from the four corners of the Earth, who battle constantly for survival against the indigenous gypsy population of the prison. Bravery, loyalty and low cunning propel them to the final day of the Carabanchel prison: Violently fast and furious character led sequences of devastating martial arts and galvanic scenes of violence in a place that will never again be seen.

Title: THE RIB.

Genre: Action/Thriller (true-crime).

Logline: A wily drug smuggler escapes the clutches of corrupt officials and struggles to continue his high seas drug smuggling operation without them.

Pitch: Fast-paced high seas smuggling adventure.

This is my true story of drug smuggling on the high seas between North Africa and Europe.
The inherent dangers of nature (the sea); the forces of good (police, army and navy), the forces of evil (drug barons and corrupt police, army and navy officials) are exposed along with the thrills, suspense and adventure of the mariner… the high speed RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) jockey working alone in the night smuggling tonnes of hashish (cannabis resin) worth millions of dollars.

A revelation of how it is done and the pleasure of meeting real characters in a world most people know nothing of; an authentic international adventure story in exotic places that puts you in situations you cannot imagine. (Sequel to Mouth Of The Beast)

Title: BLOWN.

Genre: Action/Thriller

Logline:  The initiation of the global jihad ends with the bang that was meant to start it.

A lone British deep cover agent (MI6), posing as a drug runner is blackmailed by Al Qaida into smuggling terrorists into Europe. He must foil their assassination plot to kill top international government officials attending the Industrial World Fair, thereby preventing a global jihad. An action packed journey into the underbelly of terrorism and drug smuggling.


My recently finished project, MOTHERLAND,  which is about neo-Nazi terrorists allied to Hezbollah and the Russians in a plot to aid the Assad regime in Syria to defeat the rebels and prevent a regime change. (The Russians do not want a regime change because of the threat to their one and only base in the Mediterranean at Tartus; the only foothold they have in the Middle East). This would very likely affect their multi-billion dollar arms trade with the Arabs.

Obviously, this is bang up to date and couldn’t be more contemporary if I tried.



When a British agent is assassinated by neo-Nazis, Arrowsmith, his buddy, discovers a plot to use weapons of mass destruction in Syria. ‘Arrow’ and his team foil the plot by killing the Nazis and warning the Pentagon.


MOTHERLAND is an Action/Thriller about terrorists and spooks
involved in the current Syrian conflict.

A fast moving show about our Secret Service guys living on the edge (of darkness) in the bloodthirsty world of international terrorism, mainly; Hezbollah, neo Nazis and KGB agents.

The good guys are; MOTHERLAND (an ultra-secret branch of the
British Secret Service), MOSSAD and the Cousins (CIA). All fighting the evil
intent of a rogue missile attack using chemical weapons in Syria during the G20 Summit Meeting.

Their success in preventing the missile attack costs lives on both sides, but the end justifies the means in their exciting, fast moving endeavour.


It’s 2013. The political climate in the Middle East is very unstable and the rest of the world isn’t much better.

When several influential Jews (Rabbis) are assassinated by neo-Nazi terrorists in Berlin, it comes to the attention of the British Secret Service that an infamous Arab bomb maker is working with the Nazis.

This information was discovered by Zac Bleiberg, a Mossad agent seconded to the Brits.

When photos of Nazis were seen to include Saif Al-Adel, the Hezbollah bomb maker, Zac pointed him out.

The subsequent investigation reveals the involvement of the Russians, in the form of Zina Zarubina, a senior Kremlin spy, whose agenda is solely to expedite the diversionary tactics to coincide with the missile attack in Syria.

But, she has a big problem with Saif Al-Adel, who wants to kill the Brits who ‘made’ him with the Nazis. He kills Zac in an ambush that starts a car chase in which our protagonist, Arrowsmith, and his team; Ibrahim (a mujahidin warlord), Lily Squires (MI6 operative), Sara ” Sticky” Wickett (MI6 operative) and ‘Q’, Head of Station – Berlin, step up their efforts to neutralize the terrorists.

To replace Zac, Mossad sends Hannah Cohen to Berlin. She (crucially) places a recording device in the terrorists’ safe house, but is eventually killed by Saif Al-Adel, but before dying she gives a clue to Lily in her dying breath. Lily, in turn is also shot by the Russians, but passes the clue to Arrowsmith, who eventually finds the recording device and the information is sent through CIA Station – Berlin, to the Pentagon and at the very last moment before launching the rogue missiles. The cavalry arrive in the form of the US Sixth Fleet and its Tomahawk Cruise Missiles take out the rogue missile site in the desert.

The neo-Nazis are all killed by their own bombs detonating prematurely, quite spectacularly in various European cities. Several others are killed by the Brits and Saif Al-Adel is killed by Ibrahim.

Zina Zarubina escapes (she’s needed in the sequel), but her three henchmen are killed by the Brits. A double agent German, Brakken, is killed by Arrowsmith. Unfortunately, Sticky Wickett is killed by a car bomb; an assassination attempt on Arrowsmith that went wrong.  A CIA guy named Higgins takes four bullets in the back, but survives… crucially, to provide the key to Arrowsmith’s escape from an assassination attempt on him.

All of this takes place during edge of the seat cloak and dagger action with a thrilling race to the nail biting finish.

This is a very brief treatment, but enough, I hope, to give you the gist of this screenplay wherein lies the thrills and spills; the suspense and drama of a contemporary, original picture of modern day terrorism and its consequences.


PERIOD: 1973.


“The Munich Olympics massacre was just the beginning… ‘Arrow’ Arrowsmith joined Special Forces to see some action – He gets it big time – but not how he expected it.”


When a rookie secret agent volunteers to infiltrate a terrorist plot; against all the odds, he winds up becoming a key player, right at the top.


ASSASSINS CODE 1, is about a flint-hearted military agent recruited from the ranks to become a Knight Assassin in the VRK (Very Restricted Knowledge) section of the British Secret Service.

Through the network of terrorists, arms dealers and drug barons; a plot is hatched so the groups involved will get their arms, drugs and money to support their causes.

The plot involves ETA, Black September, IRA, Mafia, Mujahidin and Mu’amma al-Gadhafi… Arrow becomes everything he hates, but he is the key to saving many lives at the heart of international terrorism.

The story is woven about actual events and the obscure terrorist activity following the Munich Olympics massacre.

His mission is to infiltrate the High Command of the IRA; a most perilous objective, which he succeeds after much intrigue, action and suspense – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

The ending lends itself to a sequel, which will be, ASSASSINS CODE 2.

Should you be interested in my work, any changes, rewrites etc., will be complied with – I am a team player; not an obstacle to getting my work to the screen.



Logline: The drug barons and bad cops thought they had their man; little did they know his wife would be the death of them.

Love trumps evil as the only female high-speed, high-seas drug smuggler turns the tables on the gangsters responsible for her husband’s imprisonment and attempts on his life in the corrupt Spanish hellhole called, ‘Malaga Prison’.

This is a story of how an otherwise normal lady turns into the most dangerous woman on the Costa del Sol in Spain. This is based on a true story.

This project is now completed and ready for pitching. 

I have just finished my current project titled,


Written by

Christopher Chance.




Hardened warriors find a baby on the battlefield. Little did they know it would be the death of them.

(Beneath the battlefield subterranean warriors dig to kill from below.)

Short pitch:

A team of ten Royal Engineers veterans on detachment to the infantry fight their war in tunnels and trenches, but the whims of the officer class threaten their existence to such an extent that one of the officers is murdered. Coincidentally, the German tunnellers have the same problem with their officer who also is murdered.

During the underground conflict the Germans use a baby to entice the infantrymen into no-mans-land where they are killed by a massive underground bomb. The sound of a baby crying plays enormously in the mind of Johnny G, the Royal Engineers troop commander who has been fighting this war for two years.

The infantry are new, inexperienced soldiers who die in their thousands each day; hence the conflicting opinions of enthusiastic inexperienced upper class officers who think of the experienced decorated sappers as mere coal miners.

The story comes to the end with a nail-biting race between foes, each of them digging furiously to blow each other to smithereens with massive underground bombs.

The Royal Engineers win the day but sadly, Johnny G dies of his wounds surrounded by his heroic sappers and the tiny baby boy he rescued from the battlefield.


90 pages of screenplay about the relentless slaughter of a generation of Allied and German lives in the hell of the Battle of the Somme. This is just a tiny episode about a section of sappers in their own subterranean hell beneath the poppy fields. COMPLETED AND READY FOR PITCHING.










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