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Christopher Chance is a 4th dan ju-jitsu and karate martial artist with many years of instructional experience with children and adults. His credentials stem from the World Combat Federation, the International Budo Association and the F.A.L.M.A. Departmento Nacional Buguei Ju-jitsu. Spain. He also attended the Small Arms School Corps of the British Army as a weapons instructor and served 12 years as a Combat Engineer class 1.

He ran two schools of martial arts with his wife Susan (black belt ju-jitsu) in Spain and was employed as a martial arts instructor in the infamous Carabanchel prison in Madrid and La Moraleja prison in Palencia. His harrowing prison experiences can be read in his books.

MMA (mixed martial arts) is a pretty brutal sport; fighters are out there to beat each other in a ring surrounded by a metal cage (dubbed the octagon). Naturally, pain and inflammation management is going to be a big deal. Overall flexibility and stamina are also important for MMA/Jiu-Jitsu fighters — both of which can be boosted via the use of CBD.
In recent years, we have seen CBD rise to the top of the MMA/Jiu-Jitsu supplement market, There are many dispensaries to choose from, like you can find everything you need, also distinguishing itself as a “cream of the crop” supplement for MMA fighters around the world. This is especially true now that CBD is legal in competitive sports.
So, I figured it would be a good time to look into the research and see why the rising popularity of CBD is having such a massive impact on the mixed martial arts world.

Susan and Chris at dojo reception in Spain.

Chris in black, far left at Kodokan Judo Club, Spain.

Grading student to red belt.

Chris with Sammy and Max at his swimming pool in Spain.

Instructing kids in Spain

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