BENEATH THE POPPY FIELDS BOOK – Contract signed with Strand Publishing UK.

My latest project, a book, Beneath the Poppy Fields, has got off to a great start. It has been accepted for publishing by Strand Publishing UK. I signed the contract today: 28/07/20.

The book is the adaptation of the screenplay of the same title. This was a real challenge because the characters’ dialogue in the screenplay is turn of the last century (1914), which put me in a quandary regarding idiomatic Lancashire dialect with much “thee” and “thou” amongst lots of other words requiring apostrophes, as north country folk spoke in those dark days of WW1. It was a challenge and I’m happy to say it was an enjoyable challenge.

The screenplay, Beneath the Poppy Fields, is with my agent so I’m praying the publication of the book will boost the chances of the screenplay landing on a film producer’s desk. Important to note here that I retained the Film Rights of the book, which makes life easier for any interested producer out there.

I have now started a new project, which is the adaptation of my other screenplay; a Thriller/Action titled, Blown, another Arrowsmith, romp in North Africa, revealing high-seas methods of hashish and people smuggling into Europe. The people are highly trained female terrorists who are stunningly beautiful and ruthless. This story is derived from my own experiences with high-seas smuggling and female terrorists whom I once knew personally.

The project I am going to work on alongside Blown, is another adaptation of my screenplay, Motherland, another Thriller/Action story about Nazis; Hezbollah, KGB and our own Secret Service heroes that you don’t really know much about and to juice things up, I’ve put Arrowsmith and Ibrahim (Assassins Code 1) in the mix. I am going to enjoy writing these two stories and I hope you have the opportunity to read them… More later as things progress.


Christopher Chance.

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