Written by

Christopher Chance.




Hardened warriors find a baby on the battlefield. Little did they know it would be the death of them.

(Beneath the battlefield subterranean warriors dig to kill from below.)

Short pitch:

A team of ten Royal Engineers veterans on detachment to the infantry fight their war in tunnels and trenches, but the whims of the officer class threaten their existence to such an extent that one of the officers is murdered. Coincidentally, the German tunnellers have the same problem with their officer who also is murdered.

During the underground conflict the Germans use a baby to entice the infantrymen into no-mans-land where they are killed by a massive underground bomb. The sound of a baby crying plays enormously in the mind of Johnny G, the Royal Engineers troop commander who has been fighting this war for two years.

The infantry are new, inexperienced soldiers who die in their thousands each day; hence the conflicting opinions of enthusiastic inexperienced upper class officers who think of the experienced decorated sappers as mere coal miners.

The story comes to the end with a nail-biting race between foes, each of them digging furiously to blow each other to smithereens with massive underground bombs.

The Royal Engineers win the day but sadly, Johnny G dies of his wounds surrounded by his heroic sappers and the tiny baby boy he rescued from the battlefield.


116 pages of screenplay about the relentless slaughter of a generation of Allied and German lives in the hell of the Battle of the Somme. This is just a tiny episode about a section of sappers in their own subterranean hell beneath the poppy fields.




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