Why are Putin and Obama at loggerheads just now? That is a question on many lips and a lot of people are worried—and rightfully so, because there is a lot at stake, which has nothing to do with humanitarian cause or effort.

I personally don’t know who initiated the ‘putsch’ against Assad. Maybe it’s the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ (a media term for Arab unrest). OK, so who upset the Arabs to create the ‘Spring’? Someone did and regime change is knocking on Syria’s door just like it did in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and most blatantly with Saddam in Iraq.

So why Syria? Let’s have a little look… But first let’s just get something clear: If you think the Cold War is over and the KGB no longer exists, then it’s a fair bet you believe in the Tooth Fairy. The reputation of the KGB has not been erased by renaming it the FSB – the Russian bear is still alive and kicking.

First of all we’ll start with Putin and the Russians. They have been pals with Syria for a long time, hence the Russian naval base in Tartus. So what? I hear you say.

Well, it just so happens that it is the only foothold the Russians have in the Middle East and the only naval base they have in the Mediterranean. Also, it generates a multi-billion dollar arms business which certain people in the West would love to have a slice of. I feel I am wasting my time now because I bet you can see where I am going with this.

OK, regime change; who wants one?

If there is one, the Russian naval base could well be asked to sling its hook and find another port. If this came to pass the Cold War would very likely become very hot.

Right now there is a lot of hot air about ‘red lines’ being crossed; similar rhetoric prior to Iraq and Libya… red lines were crossed then—WMD and all that bollox… all a pack of lies that cost many lives to create a regime change—to gain what? Oil, chaos – take your pick.

Right now we have the two most powerful men on the planet arguing the toss, one snubbing the other and behaving like a spoilt kid. This does not look good. But now look what’s happening in Europe; Ukraine is the bone of contention now and guess what? Germany and France are shaking in their shoes because they know Putin is unpredictable. The current migration debacle is a small fly in the overall political ointment in this part of the world.

The Germans are so paranoid about Russia, they probably think Putin wants to rebuild the Berlin Wall (they might be right). And France… well, they’re used to being invaded – aren’t they?

Currently there is a cease-fire agreement between Ukraine and rebel (Russian) forces in eastern Ukraine. That’s about as believable as the non-existent Cold War and the KGB, which makes us think about that much used tool of the media – Propaganda, which is currently riding high on the emotive scenes of drowned Syrian children. They drowned because their parents were fleeing from a war zone that has been going on for quite some time (4 years). So the question springs to mind: why, all of a sudden is Europe being overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of desperate people from Syria? Do they know something we don’t?

Why isn’t this tide of humanity heading for wealthy neighbouring Arab countries like Saudi Arabia; United Arab Emirates, Iran or even Turkey where they travel through anyway to get to Europe? Maybe it is because Russia provides the Assad regime with its weapons and back up for its Russian made military equipment, which tells them that Assad reigns supreme… and maybe that is why nobody is headed for big empty Russia.

I am just an ordinary bloke with nothing else better to do than write, but I like to think beyond the shite the likes of Rupert Murdoch feeds my fellow countrymen and women.

Anyway, just thought I’d talk politics (bollox) for a change by way of procrastinating, so now I’ll get on with my screenwriting.

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