BLOWN, is the title of my latest screenplay. This is a spec-script, so called because I wasn’t commissioned to write it. Written entirely of my own volition; a need to create a piece of work about an idea using real people as the characters, people who I met on my travels.

There are two female assassins in the story, they are Al Qaida terrorists. I utilised my experience with female ETA terrorists (who I knew personally) to create these two beautiful jihadists. The terrorist skills differ somewhat in so much as the ETA girls were bombers and the Arab ladies are snipers. Nevertheless, their fanaticism for their causes is equal.

The other people in the story are clones of IRA terrorists who I knew from my time in Ulster; Arab drug lords, senior officials in the judiciary, police, military, politics and immigration (not in UK),  and phantoms of the night on North African beaches who loaded my boat with cannabis resin… every single one of them a law breaker.

On the side of ‘Good’ (for want of a better word), are people who I met during my military career and professionals dedicated in pursuit of terrorists. They are the people I use in the employ of the British Secret Service. They are characters I know well because I used them in my book, ASSASSINS CODE 1, which, fortunately I own the film rights to because I am about to adapt that book as a screenplay.

I decided to write this blog to answer the questions my friends ask me time and again. So to give you a taste of what writers do, I will add a ‘logline’ and a very short treatment/synopsis of BLOWN and maybe next week I will post the first ten pages or so to show you what a feature film script looks like and to give you the opportunity to critique my work. Constructive feedback is always welcome but I must tell you to contact me via my website and not on WordPress because the spam is so thick I have to delete it page by page. Anyway, have a look at the logline and treatment.


The initiation of the global jihad ends with the bang that was meant to start it.

A lone British deep cover agent (MI6), posing as a drug runner is blackmailed by Al Qaida into smuggling terrorists into Europe. He must foil their assassination plot to kill top international government officials attending the Industrial World Fair, thereby preventing a global jihad. An action packed journey into the underbelly of terrorism and drug smuggling.



A successful hashish smuggler, CASH BEASANT, comes to the attention of AQIM (Al Qaida Islamic Mahgreb), operating in North Africa. They blackmail CASH into smuggling terrorists from Africa into Europe in order to assassinate the German Chancellor, the Chinese Premier and other World Leaders attending the Hanover Messe 2012, the worlds largest Industrial Fair.

The assassination plot was planned by the Russians and Hezbollah. Double agent Shiites infiltrate the Sunni Muslim Wahhabi Sect in order to shift the blame of the assassinations to the Sunnis, who are unaware of the true targets, which include the King of Morocco.

The terrorist connection with senior police and immigration officers creates even more intrigue when the DST (Moroccan Counter Intelligence) becomes involved when they learn of the attempt on the King’s life.

The intrigue starts on a remote beach in Morocco and continues to Spain; Tangier, Casablanca, Nador, back to Spain and then to Amsterdam, culminating in Hanover, where all the surviving players die… except Cash, who is revealed at the end as being a deep cover agent for the British Secret Service (MI6). Each leg of the journey contains a loss of life incident, but the violence ends on a high note with the reunion of Cash with his sweetheart, CARMEN, who he thought was killed by his captors.

More in the near future.



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